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Quality Education in the Cultural Performance Instant

Education is a lifelong requirement. Every human being needs education, until when and wherever he is. Education is very important, because without education people will be difficult to grow and even be retarded. Thus education should really be directed to produce quality human and able to compete, in addition to having a noble character and good morals.

Times have changed. Everyone wants fast-paced. Be, tend to neglect the process but want to get a result. Especially in countries with low work ethics such as Indonesia. As a result, instant culture began to enter into each of our lives. Living in modern times like now everything can be obtained easily, practical and fast. Technological advances have been spoiling us. Want to chat with colleagues or relatives who live in other parts of the world, pick up the phone or go to the internet. Want to shop or eat at the restaurant but lazy out, live messages over the phone or buy on the website. Transaction would transfer money, pay electricity, credit cards, buy credit-need not bother to the bank or ATM. All can be done via phone. For girls who want long hair does not need to wait for months. Simply wait for ½ hour with the hair extension techniques, hair can be long as you wish.

Understandably, people increasingly busy. Lazy bothered with things ribet. I wish all instant. Was wrong?, As long as it follows the laws of nature, all in an instant it was legitimate. "Life is good and successful life in accordance with natural processes". Up to a certain level we can use technology to speed up the things that can be accelerated according to the laws of nature. Technological advances and demands of the times, allow us to get something fast-paced. But no sooner home. Quality must be maintained. "Paddy the new 100-day harvest was good". But remember that there can be accelerated. Properly, the result should be better. So, quick, good quality and must be held together.

Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Get something with easily make people reluctant to bother. Do not want to go through the process. Aka lazy. The important thing is fast!. Qualified or not, that's later. Oriented only on the results. The process is not important. Worse, "virus" that has spread to various aspects of life. Want to instant success in a way. Be, many people of corruption, had a fake title, buy thesis, diploma asphalt, if passed, get rich quick through the doubling of money and so forth. If it's heavy, boring and outdated why we should be good quality? If there is a quick way of getting results, why not try?. Furthermore, there is now a shift in values in society. People increasingly individualistic and tend to abuse the rights of others. To pursue his success, people do not hesitate to sacrifice others.

Tend Dibisniskan education.

The emergence of a variety of ways that lead to violations of academic ethics that our universities do to win the competition, shows that education is now likely to be used as the business arena. Promotion patterns that provide convenience and the lure of prize is a picture that college is no innovation in terms of education quality. The trend is going to destroy the world of education, because ultimately the people not in college to improve the quality of self, but only after the title for prestige. Condition of higher education today is quite apprehensive. There are private universities that ignore the educational process. There are even universities that only a moneymaking machine, rather than produce qualified graduates. This is what makes the competition becomes increasingly unhealthy.

Product college graduate education process at random and even a trick, also tend to justify all means to recruit prospective students as much as possible, with the occasional promotion trap with the lure of a lucrative prize. Is this the picture quality education?. In fact there are several private universities in Jakarta, which plays a range of values to pass students, because they are afraid, when he finished the final exam (UTS / UAS) many students who do not pass the alias IP / GPA Nasakom. So that they graduate with mediocre numbers actually are not graduating students. In this case all parties must do introspection in order to provide quality education services. Kopertis, must be firm action against the Private Higher Education (PTS) and socialize in violation of the rules that should never be violated by the PTS. College managers also had to stop all measures that violate the rules. Key controls exist in the hands gradually Study Program Chairman, Director, Dean, Rector and Chairman of the Foundation.

Bachelor Graduates challenges in the Information Age.

When the scholars thronged the job market arena to offer their knowledge and diplomas, the ads are also receiving new students almost filled the pages of newspapers. Two phenomena are ironic. Higher Education Campaign to lure prospective students as "intensively" with the increase in graduate unemployment. On the other hand, to ask the question, what exactly are the qualifications required by employment seekers graduates of this university?

Answer the researchers obtained generally is a mixture of personal qualities and academic achievement. But the headhunter mengonkretkan never, for example, how much they expect a specialization course at the university. Qualifications such as having numerical skills, problem-solving and communicative often a predictor of Higher managers rather than an explicit statement of employment seekers. Survey results show the desire of change employment seekers are qualified graduates in their university requirement.

Not every qualification requirements contained in job ads as an important value to the headhunter. In practice, the qualifications stated as "most wanted" by the headhunter is not always the qualification "most critical" or not received a graduate degree in a job.

Interestingly, the three qualifying categories of personal competence, ie honesty, responsibility, and initiative, to be the most important qualification, most wanted, and most decisive in the recruitment process. Interpersonal competence, as capable of working together and flexible, is considered the most wanted and most decisive. However, although often included in job advertisements, grade point average (GPA) as an indicator of academic excellence does not include the most important, most sought-after, nor the most decisive.

On the other hand, the reputation of higher education institutions that include accreditation status was measured with a course was not included in the list of the most important qualification, most wanted, or at least determine the recruitment process of college graduates by employment seekers.

There is a tendency for a headhunter "ignore" graduates studies In an interview, the head of HRD of a bank in Cirebon asserted, the quality personal correspondence with the characteristics of an occupation more acceptable to determine whether or not a university graduate. For example, the position as a bank teller demanding speed, agility, and precision. Thus, graduates with these qualities sarnaja have a great chance to be accepted even though the field of educational background do not match. Head of HRD is to say, "I never received a Bachelor of Agriculture of Bogor as a cashier at the bank refused our Bachelor of Economics and Management from Bandung that his GPA is very good."

Qualifications required working world is important to note the university management to cope with it disconnected between universities with the world of work and unemployed graduates. If the correction system of selection of new students is intended to filter out students according to basic competence, attention to the qualifications required by the labor market is intended as a processing standard that basic competence. For that, cooperation and Universities the world of work is necessary.

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